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We have more than 500 SKUs, And we can produce any kind of air fresheners.

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Production Capacity

We have 15 production lines of Air freshener, with an average daily throughput of 50000 pieces.

Efficient Shipment

An efficient management system allows us to deliver quickly, usually within 7 -10 days.

Independent R&D

We have an R&D team of more than 20 people so that we can launch new products every month.

Healthy Essence

Our essence raw materials are from world famous essence companies, such as Givaudan, Koizumi, etc









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Brand Agency

Become the agent of IKEDA, and we will try our best to help you open up the market.

Brand Cooperation

We jointly launch products, dual brands can quickly increase brand influence.

Promotion Assistant

We have a professional team to help you promote online and offline in the local market.

Product Design

Our designers can design products for you to meet local market needs.

Scent custom

Our perfumer can help you customize the fragrance of your brand.

Delivery Guarantee

Our 21 years of production and sales experience ensures that you can get the goods on time.





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Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of Air freshener. We have more than 20 years of production experience in the field of Air freshener, which makes us maintain a leading position in the field of Air freshener

We manufactuer liquid air freshener, reed diffuser, gel air freshener, hanging air freshener, paper air freshener and spray freshenr, all products produced by strict quality control system.


We can do air freshener custom for you, such as logo, package design, custom fragrance .ect.

Just send us an email and get all informations about air freshener OEM anf ODM.

1. Get in touch with us.
2. Confirm your needs, our professional sales staff will help you choose the product.
3. Calculate the final price, confirm the shipping method and payment method.
4. Advance deposit, we will arrange production.
5. Complete the production and pay the balance.
6. Shipping.
7. Track Shipping.
8. Customer sign for receipt.

The above process is the most basic process, if it involves product customization, or you have special needs, we will adjust the procurement process for you.

The most important is that we know that the best way to solve problems is to avoid problems.

20 Years of production and sales experience let we can ensure the stability of the quality of goods and on time delivery.

98% Of customers are very satisfied with our services. However, there are also very few cases that require after-sales. When it happened, We will have a specialized person responsible for after-sales problems.

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