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What effect about car perfume?

times   2015-10-06

With the growth of private cars, I believe many people have not unfamiliar car perfume,Generally considered that if there has bad smell in car,can put car perfume in the car.But the car perfume not only make the air fresh,different car perfume has different efficacy.

Now,Let me To tell you about some:

1.Car perfume can eliminate peculiar smell, kill bacteria inside the car, to the car's air purification effect.

2.Some car perfume has the effect of refreshing, refreshing, in the narrow space car build a fragrant environment, keep  drivers sober, is helpful to safe driving.

3.Now the appearance of many car perfume is very cute and creative, can not only make air fresh inside the car, can also act as a good decoration.

Written by Foshan Ikeda Air Freshener co., LTD