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Where is the bad smell from inside the car?

times   2015-11-23

Car smell memory, the most obvious in spring and summer. Compared with the spring and summer of smell more diverse. Which includes both rain wet air conditioning systems, as well as inadvertent scattered locations in the car dead rotten food residues, even  car perfume, will be in hot weather, to produce all kinds of odors. So what in the end is the reason for it?

First, the air conditioning damp
Summer rain is always more urgent and intense, after a heavy rain, the car is always filled with love an unpleasant odor. This is because the condensed water and dust in the air attached to the inner surface of the evaporator together, damp, dark corners of the air conditioning system has become a hotbed of fungal blooms. Over time, as long as the open air, there will be a steady stream of musty blowing. For those who usually do not pay attention to cleaning the air conditioning system owners, generally vehicles 1 to 2 years, got into the car in the summer, after the open air, it will be heard an unpleasant sour smell. Therefore, in order to avoid air conditioning odor, it is necessary to prevent the air conditioning system from damp moldy start. In addition, the conditions allow, often drive ventilation window, or use the outer loop in ambient air is a good line, but also an effective way to the car to keep air fresh.

Second, car parts and car itself
Now car down the production line directly into the market, a variety of accessories and materials harmful gases has not yet been released on; vehicle air pollution causes direct. While interior decoration materials will bring air pollution. Most consumers should be carried out after buying the car upholstery, and flooring, seat cushion, adhesives will release contain formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, will inevitably lead to vehicle air pollution.

Third, the dead and rot thing
Summer, a number of acidic foods deteriorate very short, therefore, in addition to its own belt out musty air conditioning, accidentally dropped in the car corners fruit peels, desserts perishable moldy, spilled drinks or leaks are wet seat , carpet, also easy to mold growth; and long home within the boot without shoes, forget the clothes used after cleaning, etc., will emit a foul odor. And when the air conditioning turned on, these odors will be in the car with the air flow circulation, spread, looking for new places for mold growth.

Fourth, the use of car perfume
Many owners prefer to put perfume in the car, high quality car perfume fragrance lasting, and can kill bacteria. But if the freeloaders, chose poor product prices, higher summer temperatures in the car, after the direct sun, it is easy to produce bad odor, for car occupants health.
Five chairs, mats often wash
Knitted chairs, mats on the car will be long-term mildew, it will accumulate a lot of bacteria, especially after wet rainy day, this is the car "gas" a major generation source. For this "poison" or to "wash", although the summer rain, but also a lot of sunny days, we recommend that owners in the rain and quickly opened the door exposure chairs, so you can effectively sterilize.