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Chasing the traces of the years to explore the secrets of perfume

times   2015-11-24

Perfume story, ancient and modern. 21 century, naturalism will be shrouded in thick modern and modern city, eager to natural aroma will make synthetic fragrances increasingly devalued. Although we can not always have the fragrance of flowers, but we can make perfume from natural spices in our lives forever fragrance.

Perfume is still elegant, charming cosmetics model, play an important role in the increasingly high quality of human life. People will pay more attention to car perfume flavor and meaning to bring people's deep feelings; focus on harmonious combination of exquisite perfume and clothing perfume different occasions just as "only one perfume, love a man," the ad, as though perfume scent will be more abundant, but some kind of flavor will become a symbol and representative of a certain celebrity figures, which will be implemented in our country in the new century. The general public with the perfume brand as a symbol of personal identity, more and more frequent use of perfume. Is a natural thing.

Perfume, whether in the past or the future, human life because of the good things that have become more colorful and full of flavor. Pay attention to the personality of the modern United States, will become life in a unique beautiful scenery, will dress colorful life, for the life of Tim Mei for human thespians. Social environment plays an important role in a variety of people, also we need to have knowledge of all aspects of life, in order to better beautify life, abundant life. Mining, search for life in all kinds of wonderful notes, the direction of our unremitting efforts.

Perfume, we both familiar and unfamiliar. Say familiar because perfume already entered among the general public, is no longer a mystery, it is no longer a luxury nobles, everyone can enjoy it. Said the stranger because people on the choice of perfume, still do not understand the use of knowledge, particularly for perfume and etiquette, perfume and seasonal, gender and perfumes, fragrances and other home is poorly understood.

16 century, the Crusaders from the East secrets of perfumery surgery back. This secret for a long period has been the French church and the court ruling classes to master and control. 400 years ago. An Italian court entourage soup Peter Lai, the passing of time Grasse locals aromatic oils found wild thyme, rosemary, lavender, myrtle and other plants used for tanning leather to conceal the Austrian taste. After his return, he gave the proposal to develop natural flavors Glass reported emperor of Italy. Subsequently, he was ordered to keep in Grasse, designed to create "Perfume" and essential oils for the Italian court.

Why is this "perfume" in quotes? Because this time the so-called perfume and now different, it is the rest of the water after distillation fragrant flowers. As now formulated with alcohol perfume, it is said Arabs first invented, later spread to Europe by the Spaniards, but it was still kept secret. Until 200 years after the gradual promotion.

Because of local wild and cultivated varieties of aromatic plants, water quality, "perfume" and oil production gradually thrive. Those "perfume" is used roses, myrtle flower, orange blossom, violet steamed with fragrant water, and obtain essential oils are still used for the tanning industry. In this way, a chance to make Grasse discover and dig out their own advantage, to become world-famous perfume manufacturing center.

By the 16th century, European popular fashion, pushing the leather products, such as gloves, cap, tunic and other flavoring. In 1523, when King Carlos V of Spain hosted the Knights athletics, awarded first prize is 40 scented gloves. 18th century, Grasse natural spices production has exceeded the leather industry. Flower cultivation expanding oil production continues to grow, and the introduction of a big flower jasmine, May rose, tuberose and other precious species of flowers. Fat extracted using aromatic oils cold suction method was a success, which makes expensive fragrant oil quality greatly improved. By this time, there are more than 40 perfumes Grasse, perfume workshops, annual output has reached 1 million liters of perfume, balsam 40 (x) kg as much, no wonder the world's leading 400 years is not bad!

Late 19th century, a volatile solvent extraction technique spices formal application in the production of natural spices into. Grasse town families have moved to a small workshop on the outskirts of the new plant flower production area, the introduction of new equipment and technology, the development of industrial production. Because natural flavors Glass perfume centuries of excellence, adhere to quality first, making her products both in Europe and in the Eastern markets we have made important position for the French perfume sector had the honor at the end, the French car perfume become one of the world's most famous specialty.

French perfume sales around the world, is the world famous perfume. Up to centenarians. Down to 3 years urchin, we know first French perfume. Japan, the United States and other economic powers. Although manufacturing also put perfume Osato energy and money, frustration and finally to "historical shallow" and many other reasons could not be overshadowed by the first. French perfume visible ingrained in people's minds and irreplaceable first image. People with French perfume as gifts Cari People using French perfume was a status symbol to have a French perfume people proud.