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Ikeda teach you how to identify low-grade car perfume?

times   2015-05-27
Many car owners like to buy some perfume placed in the car, so not only can remove the car smell, there is a refreshing effect.

For some car perfume just come into contact friends do not know how to choose a good, following Xiaobian teach you how to identify low-grade car perfume, as follows:

1, regular car perfume packaging is exquisite, while the poor car perfume packaging is relatively rough;

2, the low-grade car perfume packaging labels often do not have Chinese manufacturer, producing address, date of manufacture, use, precautions;

3, low-grade car perfume volatile fast, the more pungent flavor, whereas the regular car perfume smell fresh and lasting;

4, low-grade car perfume in the sun prone to leakage phenomenon after exposure, the color will gradually change to white, and regular car perfume does not appear this phenomenon. In addition, there are regular product description, production license number, etc. on a regular car perfume packaging.