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Liquid and solid perfume perfume selection

times   2015-05-27
In today, most owners prefer to put their own car like aromatherapy, a fixed balm, liquid perfume, put these things on the car can also be as jewelry, it not only can be used as jewelry You can also remove car smell, so the car leaving waves of fragrance. But car perfume choice or need to follow certain principles, those who taste is not too strong, especially in the summer with perfume. If the taste is too strong, then perfume, after sun exposure, distribution of the taste is more irritating, it would be very uncomfortable after inhalation.

Summer to buy solid perfume based. Solid perfume although the shape is not pretty, but practical. Liquid perfume mostly full bloom in the glass, prolonged exposure in the sun, it is prone to explosion. The solid perfume will not have this worry, the price is also cheap, that is, light aroma, distributing fast, it can be a solid balm two weeks to a month or so.