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Car oils are used in car and what is the difference between car perfume

times   2016-04-07

Social development is rapid, car is more and more common in every family. The car for a bottle of car perfume is not strange, not only can decorate the car, also can purify the air inside the car, build a comfortable and pleasant driving environment, safety. In choosing a car and car perfume oils, owners the most often asked question is what is the difference between automotive perfume and essential oil?

Understanding from the ideographic, car oil is USES the natural volatile fumigation will plant essential oil in the crystal car decorative bottle, through natural volatile aroma diffusion in the car, in order to achieve the effect of purify the air inside the car. Purification of the essential oils extracted from plants, not only has special fragrance, but also can play a refreshing effect. The most essential difference is that a car and car perfume essential oil fragrance is light, through natural volatile aroma can purify the effect of air that is vitiated, and generally does not have the function that this car perfume.

Coming up from some objective reason, car perfume will use essential oil is much higher than cars. Automobile perfume volatile stronger, more easily filled the entire space inside the car and can get rid of the smell faster to purify the air inside the car. But on production, car perfume contains a certain amount of chemicals and industrial alcohol. At that time a lot of people just can't help but doubt, be noise harm to the body? In fact, the proportion of normal range value, regular production car perfume will not endanger human body health.

Both choose car oil and, therefore, car perfume, when the choose and buy should choose to have the brand as far as possible, formal product specifications, production license, certification of product quality supervision department, do not covet is cheap, buy cheap perfume. But don't chase high-end products, select the car perfume or the safety of the car essential oils should try to use high purity of natural plant extract perfume spices or essential oils. There are 15 years specializing in the production of science and technology research and development car perfume, commitment to the broad masses of customers to provide the safety and health car perfume.