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The society pay attention to choose the car perfume fragrance

times   2016-04-06

       Morning go to work, open the door closed overnight, will feel there is a bother the smell of stewed. As a result of the car is closed and the air is not smooth, when driving is easy to cause driving feel aching, head dizzy, listless, affect driving safety. A pure and fresh and natural, refreshing car perfume can solve the problem of peculiar smell inside the car for you. When choosing a car perfume, we can't just care about the smell of perfume, more should learn to pay attention to the choice of car perfume fragrance.

      As car perfume was accepted and loved by the consuming public car perfume producers will produce a variety of types, car perfume taste to meet the needs of people. A lot of friends like to love a car perfume on the car, also some on household bedroom, in the odor removal, kill bacteria also can reach the effect of refreshing eye-catching and personality. However, in the market now is a great variety of car perfume, different flavor types, how to choose a good quality and suitable fragrance is very important.

       1, grape aromas car perfume: appropriate improve muscle tone, give a person with comfortable, the feeling of euphoria, and can play a cool effect.

       2, lemon scent: generally USES refreshing mint smell and lemon zest perfect collocation, have the function of the refreshing, relieve mental depression, resolving depression. Have unforgettable breath, being free, advocate natural standard, from the moment into the car is full of power.

       3 car perfume, orange flavor, fragrance, the scent can improve work efficiency, can eliminate nervous depressive mood, this is the office workers love it.

       4, jasmine aroma, this fragrance can enhance the body's ability to cope with the complex environment, eliminate mental and body defect syndrome.

       5, lavender scent of car perfume: this fragrance is "good medicine", insomnia patients can improve the symptoms of depression, the role of liver fire.

       6, cologne scent: this fragrance is sweet fresh aromas of citrus, orange flower, rosemary. Has relaxed, comfortable and pleasant elegant flavor, natural flavor, let a person full of confidence. Low-key composed of distinguished contained implicitly.

       7, free Marine scent, it consists of tuberose, water lily, violets, berry mixture is pure and fresh and clean breath, as if walking in the arms of the sea. Pure and fresh sea breeze will always make you experience the freedom of happiness, can effectively alleviate the pressure of the work.

        8, rose scent of car perfume: it is made of rose with a small amount of bergamot mixture jasmine and freesia and aroma. It give off elegant fragrance, charming fragrance which reflects mature lasting appeal, let the aesthetic feeling of deep aftertaste, add distinctive glamour. Was the most popular fragrance.