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The expensive car perfume must be good?

times   2016-03-29

In the traditional concept of consumption, easy to produce some cheap product quality is bad feeling. Price indeed can react to a certain extent, the quality of your goods, after all cost and artificial cost exists, the cost of the inevitable combined to the cost price of a product is reasonable. You get what you pay for that, but also cannot blindly advocate expensive car perfume, the expensive car perfume must be good? Actually suits own car perfume is the best car perfume.

Then how can we choose a suitable car perfume.

First, we follow the principle of the most basic health, try to choose green, natural aromatherapy products, choose imported essence, ensure no excess chemical additives. There are products, adopting imported essence is, can provide the import documents and related quality inspection certificate, this is don't do a lot of 3 without product.

Secondly, on the choice of fragrance. Anyone everybody's guess. Owners when driving, need to maintain a balanced state of mind, can choose to compare cool and refreshing vanilla fragrance, pleasant cologne, mint flavor, fruit flavor, etc. How the car often open air conditioning, of course, the best choice to use more volatile strong car perfume, it can bring the smell out of air conditioning in time.

Finally, we should also be in accordance with the seasonal will choose. Now the rainy season in March and April, unfavorable use lemon flavour of car perfume, more acidic lemon flavour perfume, taste after easily gone mouldy. So choose neutral, or more light car perfume.

So, is not expensive car perfume is must be good, good and inexpensive, suitable for their own good.