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How to choose car perfume it?

times   2015-03-27
Automotive incense is normally provided by perfumer for natural and synthetic flavors, refined through repeated screening, the variety of flavors blending in accordance with a certain proportion, lasting aroma, some fragrant substance extracted from natural perfume, also has a bactericidal and deodorization role.
Perfume has become the object of increasing concern to car owners, the face of numerous, colorful car perfume? Owners always a little hesitant, I do not know how to choose their own perfume, especially the weather is getting hot, buy perfume headache for many car owners.
It is understood that currently on the market used cars spices mainly aerosol type, liquid type and solid type three. Aerosol car with incense products composed mainly of flavors and container, it can cover the interior some special smell. Such as luggage odor, the smell of smoke, the smell of fish and small animals taste like. But the volatile fast, often in the shape of the container artistic, available two to three months. Solid car with incense mainly to flavor mixed with some of the material, and then compression molding, generally available for about two months. There are also some use of media, such as the smell of fabric flowers, scented ceramic art brushes, also used as a vehicle by spices.